Frobscottle from The BFG

Frobscottle from The BFG

Make the BFG's favourite drink at home - Frobscottle!

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For how many? Makes 4-6 glasses


  • 8 kiwi fruits, peeled
  • 1 1/2 lime, juice
  • 200ml lemonade
  • 100ml raspberry Drinking yoghurt
  • 300ml cream soda
  • 1 Effervescent vitamin C (plain)


1. In a food processor, liquidise the kiwis with the squeezed lime juice.

2. Push the pulp through a sieve into a large jug (a few seeds will escape, this doesn’t matter).

3. Add the drinking yoghurt and mix.

4. Gradually mix in the lemonade.

5. Finally pour in the cream soda and mix.

6. Let the children drop the vitamin tablet into the jug. Watch and then serve immediately.

N.B. If you wish to substitute drinking yoghurt with ordinary yoghurt add during step 1, when you liquidise the kiwis.

The kiwis may also be substituted with tinned gooseberries in syrup. 50g gooseberries = 1 kiwi fruit. A drop of green food colouring will improve the colour.

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