Sticky Hoisin Chicken

Jamie Oliver's recipe for Sticky Hoisin Chicken, as seen on Jamie's Quick & Easy Food on Channel 4, is bursting with delicious Chinese-inspired flavours. Taking less than half an hour from start to finish, this is the perfect speedy weeknight dinner.

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Serves 2
Cook time: 25 min


2 x 200g chicken legs
8 spring onions
1-2 fresh mixed-colour chillies
3 regular or blood oranges
2 heaped tbsp hoisin sauce


Put a non-stick frying pan on a medium-high heat. Pull off the chicken skin, put both skin and legs into the pan, season with sea salt and black pepper and let the fat render out and the chicken get golden for 15 minutes, turning regularly.

Meanwhile, trim the spring onions and halve across the middle, putting the white halves aside. Deseed the chillies, then finely slice lengthways with the green spring onions and pop both into a bowl of ice-cold water to curl and crisp up. Peel the oranges, finely slice into rounds, and arrange on your plates.

Remove the crispy skin, then toss the white spring onions into the pan. In a bowl, loosen the hoisin with a splash of red wine vinegar, then brush half of it all over the chicken. Cook for a final 5 minutes. Drain and divide up the crunchy salad, sit the chicken and soft spring onions on top, drizzle the remaining hoisin over the chicken and crack over the crispy skin.

Calories 430kcl     Fat 19.5g     Sat Fat 5.2g     Protein 29g     Carbs 36.2g     Sugar 35g     Salt 1.5g     Fibre 4g

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