Sparkle and Shine

Sparkle and shine with this refreshing juice recipe. With nutritious carrots, greens and turmeric, the juice is sweetened with fresh apricots and raspberries.

From the book Juice


Lovely and sweet, with the earthy taste of turmeric. This juice will protect the cells from free radical damage. It is an eye-bright recipe too, with the carrots and apricots helping the eyes to sparkle!


2 apricots
10 raspberries
2 carrots
Handful of spring greens
1 tsp ground turmeric

Essential kit

You will need a juicer.


Take the stones out of the apricots, then pass the apricots and the rest of the ingredients, except the turmeric, through the juicer. Stir in the turmeric at the end and again work up to this amount - you may find the taste quite strong at first.

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