An unusual cocktail recipe from Samuel & Samantha Clark. The traditional rebujito is muddled with fino sherry, La Casera lemonade, fresh mint leaves and ice.

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Every year in Jerez there is a feria, a civic celebration of sherry on a massive scale. Imagine a combination of music festival and village fête at which almost every stall or stage is a sherry bar of one kind or another. This was the setting for Moro’s fifteenth-anniversary staff knees-up and for many of us an unforgettable and intoxicating introduction to the Rebujito. It is a fantastic summer drink - cool, refreshing and delicious. At Morito we mix them individually, but there’s no reason why you can’t make up big jugs for a barbecue, picnic or party.


1 part fino sherry to 1 part lemonade, Sprite or La Casera. Add mint leaves and ice and you’re there.


La Casera is a Spanish soft drink and is quite tricky to get hold of, but you can approximate it by mixing ordinary lemonade and soda water in equal quantities.

It helps to release the flavour of the mint leaves if you rip them, but this means bits in the drink. Instead, try holding the mint in your hands and clapping theatrically. It’s fun. We use Tio Pepe, but any dry fino will do. If you are mixing in large quantities, don’t worry about the lemonade going flat - they don’t in Jerez!

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