Le Bab Flatbreads

In this recipe, the team behind one of London's most popular Kebab restaurants, Le Bab, share the secrets of their incredible flatbreads.

From the book

The Modern Kebab by
The Modern Kebab
A fresh and creative approach to making your own kebabs at home
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Delicious sides and sauces
Makes about 20 breads


560g strong white flour
100g strong wholemeal flour
20g salt
2 tsp olive oil


1. Use a kneading machine/stand mixer for this recipe, although it can be done by hand applying some extra effort. Mix the dry ingredients together first, add 350 ml water slowly and then let it knead for a good 10 minutes at medium speed. Add the olive oil to shorten the dough and help it become more elastic, then let it combine and knead for a further 3–4 minutes.

2. Portion every flatbread into roughly 50 g each mini balls. Roll them out with a rolling pin (or use a pasta machine) very thinly and cook them individually in a non-stick frying pan, on a high heat, for around 8 seconds the first side and a bit less the second side. Keep them covered. Once you have piled up a few, wrap them up in cling film to avoid drying out. It is best to use these within a day, although if properly wrapped you may freeze them.

Tip: If you find that the dough is too sticky, use some flour during the rolling process.

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