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Frozen Caramel Pie

by ManiLife from The Peanut Butter Cookbook

This easy frozen peanut butter and caramel pie is a true showstopper. The buttery pie crust is filled with a creamy caramel and peanut filling and topped with a layer of melted chocolate.

From the book


Salted caramel ice creams are one of our fave treats in summer, and they’ve inspired us to create this super impressive frozen pie. Make ahead and wheel out at a barbecue, and you’ll be everyone’s favourite person.

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165g cold salted butter
250g plain flour
85g caster sugar
Pinch of salt
200g condensed milk
250ml double cream
4 tbsp ManiLife cocoa-peanut butter
75g ManiLife cocoa-dusted peanuts
200ml shop-bought salted caramel sauce
200g dark chocolate
½ tsp sea salt flakes

Essential kit

You will need: a deep 23cm tart tin.


Cut the butter into 2cm cubes and tip into a bowl with the plain flour. With clean hands, gently rub the butter into the flour until only very small pieces of butter remain. Tip in the sugar, along with a pinch of salt, and knead gently until it comes together as a crumbly dough. Press the dough into a deep 23cm tart tin in an even layer, making sure it comes right up the sides. Prick the base with a fork, then put it into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan/gas 4.

Bake the tart case for 18–20 minutes until golden brown, then remove from the oven and set aside to cool completely.

Pour the condensed milk, double cream and ManiLife cocoa peanut butter into a bowl, and use an electric whisk to whip until stiff peaks form. Spread in an even layer over the cooled shortbread base, and freeze for 3–4 hours until completely frozen.

Roughly chop the ManiLife cocoa-dusted peanuts. Pour the salted caramel sauce all over the frozen cream, spreading it right to the edges. Scatter over the cocoa-dusted peanuts and freeze again for 15 minutes.

Break the chocolate into small pieces into a heatproof bowl. Melt on high in the microwave in 30-second bursts or over a pan of barely simmering water. Pour over the tart, then spread it out evenly over the surface. Sprinkle with the sea salt flakes.

Return the tart to the freezer for a final 15 minutes, then cut into slices with a warm knife and rejoice.


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