Decadent Coconut Hot Chocolate

Rich, with a hint of coconut, this indulgent hot chocolate is a healthier option than the sugar-laden versions you get in coffee shops. The perfect treat to warm you up on chilly weekends.

The Foodie Teen
From the book The Foodie Teen


I’ve used both cacao powder and dark chocolate here for the ultimate chocolate hit – this hot chocolate is seriously rich! Thick and creamy, the coconut milk gives it a hint of lovely coconut flavour. Feel free to use another homemade nut milk instead of the almond milk if you like. This is a perfect weekend breakfast treat.

Serves 4


200ml full-fat tinned coconut milk
125ml almond milk
1 heaped tsp cacao powder
1 heaped tsp coconut sugar or unrefined brown sugar
50g high-quality dark chocolate or dark chocolate chips, chopped
coconut whipped cream, toasted shredded coconut and chocolate shavings, to serve (optional)


Put all the ingredients into a small saucepan over a medium heat and simmer, whisking constantly, for about 5 minutes, until steaming and the chocolate has melted.

Serve in small glasses – it’s very rich!



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