Chocolate Vodka

Make your own Chocolate Infused Vodka with this simple recipe from Craft Spirits. Chocolate and vodka lovers alike will go wild for this tipple and it makes an excellent edible gift.

Craft Spirits
From the book Craft Spirits


The most neutral spirit, vodka is the easiest option for an at-home infusion. Opt for a clean, basic-flavoured variety, and play around with your favourite flavours and ingredients. 

Infuse vodka with chocolate – it works well in dessert-style cocktails.

Infusing time: 2-3 days


60g–85g (2–3oz) dark chocolate, broken into pieces or 100g (3½oz) cocoa powder
750ml (1¼ pints) vodka

Essential kit

You will need: 1-litre airtight jar, sterilized, fine kitchen strainer, muslin or coffee filter


Gather all your equipment. Thoroughly wash all of your flavouring ingredients. You can also use small jars, making several infusions from the same bottle. 

Prepare your ingredients and place the chocolate in the base of the jar.

Fill the jar with the vodka. Lightly stir with a wooden spoon to distribute the infusing ingredients. Cover the jar tightly.

Shake the jar lightly a few times. Examine to ensure no impurities are inside. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Check your infusion daily, shaking lightly to distribute the flavours. After three days, taste it every day until you achieve the desired flavour.

When the infusion is ready, transfer into a jug then strain into the clean jar using your strainer. Then strain it again using the muslin, and serve.   

The next level Just as you would pair flavours with chocolate, try adding complementary ingredients into the infusion, such as the peel of one orange, pith removed; grated root ginger; a vanilla pod; or a cinnamon stick.

What you need: 1-litre airtight jar, sterilized, fine kitchen strainer, muslin or coffee filter

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