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Bread and Butter Pudding with Marmalade and Chocolate

Make your next camping trip a gourmet affair with this delicious bread and butter pudding recipe from Genevieve Taylor's How To Eat Outside book. Rich and satisfying!

From the book

Genevieve Taylor


The idea for this pudding was conceived at the end of a week of camping when we were left with a collection of slightly sad-looking leftover bits of this and that – a stale (and rather squashed) brioche loaf, half a jar of marmalade and two thirds of a bar of dark chocolate, not to mention some just-on-the-turn milk. All in need of a good home, and what a home it turned out to be!

The beauty of brioche (croissants would be equally good too) is that they are butter-rich so you don’t need to add any more butter. For extra richness, substitute some of the milk for a splash of cream (single or double), if you have some handy. A foil-lined springform cake tin placed inside a Dutch oven is the best way to cook this recipe.

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1 brioche loaf (about 400g), torn into bitesize pieces
About 1/2 a jar of marmalade
About 70g dark chocolate, broken into bits
2-3 tbsp sugar (any sort is fine)
500ml milk
4 eggs

Essential kit

You will need a 23-25cm springform cake tin and a Dutch oven.


Watch how to make the recipe here

Line a 23-25cm springform cake tin with a double layer of foil. Scatter about half of the brioche pieces into the base of the prepared tin. Dollop on teaspoonfuls of marmalade, using about half of what you have, then scatter over about half of the chocolate pieces. Sprinkle on about 1 tablespoon of sugar. Repeat with the rest of the brioche, marmalade, chocolate and sugar.

In a bowl, lightly whisk together the milk and eggs, then pour evenly into the tin over the brioche layers. Place the tin inside the Dutch oven, cover with the lid and hang the oven over your fire, not too close to the coals otherwise the bottom will burn. Use tongs to put 8-10 hot coals on the lid to cook the pudding from the top as well. Cook for around 25-30 minutes until the custard has set and the top is crisp. Serve whilst piping hot.


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