There's a Vegan in the House: Fresh, Flexible Food to Keep Everyone Happy

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There's a Vegan in the House: Fresh, Flexible Food to Keep Everyone Happy
Flexible recipes to accommodate the whole family
Comforting classics that can be vegan or meat-based
Simple and easy recipes to see you through the week

What's it about? This is the go-to guide for any homecooks who are faced with the challenge of pleasing family members with different dietary preferences, be they vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or meat-lovers. This cookbook is filled with over a hundred inspiring recipes that will keep everyone round the table happy (and eating the same meal!) with clever tips for how to adapt recipes by substituting certain vegan ingredients for meat or dairy-based ingredients instead. 

With a focus on feel-good, wholesome ingredients, these simple recipes for every meal of the day (as well as tasty snacks and irresistible puddings) find the perfect balance between classic comfort foods and health-boosting, nourishing meals. 

Recipes we love: Spiced Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie, Flourless Black Bean Brownies, Rainbow Lentil Meatballs, and Imam Bayildi (Turkish Stuffed Aubergine).

Perfect for: anyone trying out Veganuary, parents giving veganism a go but cooking for their non-vegan kids, or non-vegan parents cooking for their vegan or vegetarian teen.