The Tofu Cookbook

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Published on 04 July 2019
The Tofu Cookbook
A straightforward guide to one of the most versatile ingredients
With advice on sourcing, preparing, seasoning, and marinating tofu
Including 60 recipes for everything from curries to sweet things

What's it about? Want to know what to do with tofu? Here's an entire cookbook dedicated to the stuff. Versatile, delicate and a wonderful carrier of flavour, tofu is a great ingredient in its own right, but it's not always obvious how to cook with it. Here you'll find the answers with 60 recipes as well as guidance on how to store, prep, season, marinate and flavour it so you never end up with a bland, sponge-like dinner again. 

Whether you want to marinate your tofu, fry it, add it to salads or curries, cook it into brownies, blend it into a smoothie or use it to bind your burger, this book will show you myriad ways to use it from savoury to sweet dishes.  

Who is the author? Health and food writer Heather Thomas has written several accessible, best-selling cookery and healthy-eating books, including several in this ingredient-led series (her previous titles in the series include The Avocado Cookbook, The Aubergine Cookbook and The Chickpea Cookbook).

Recipes we love: Vietnamese Tofu Pho, Tofu Summer Rolls and Chocolate, Chilli & Orange Pots

Perfect for: Vegetarians or vegans seeking to up their protein intake and looking for inspiring, easy and delicious ways to do so; lovers of Asian-inspired cuisine and any budget- and health-conscious cooks on the hunt for quick midweek meals.