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The Plant Power Doctor

Written by

Dr Gemma Newman


07 January 2021

Who’s the author? Dr Gemma Newman has over 17 years clinical experience as a family doctor. She appears at national and global wellbeing events, including Plant-powered Expo at London Olympia, Live Well London, Veg Fest, and is the founder of the Come Alive Health Summit. Follow her on Instagram @plantpowerdoctor.

What’s it about? This book is a down-to-earth British GPs guide to the radical healing power of a plant-based diet. Breaking down the science of plant-based eating and why it works, Dr Gemma Newman has written The Plant Power Doctor, filled with in-depth digestible information, as well as recipes and meal plans to help you implement her research. “Put simply, as a doctor, I wanted everyone to be able to access this life changing information in a way that they could understand”, she says.

Rather than overhauling the way you eat completely, Gemma shares accessible recipes and plans, and suggests simple switches so you can enjoy easy nutritious breakfasts, your favourite family meals and food on the go.

Perfect for: Anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle and meal guidance rooted in medical science, this is also useful for anyone suffering from IBS, Crohn’s, cholesterol, blood pressure and type-2 diabetes.

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A day of eating The Plant Power Doctor way

Seeking ways to boost your health, improve your wellbeing and make changes to the way you eat? It’s simple, says the Plant Power Doctor, Eat More Plants. Give it a go with this simple meal plan.


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From the book: The Plant Power Doctor

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