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The Fitness Chef: Still Tasty


07 January 2021

Who’s the author? Graeme Tomlinson is the nutrition coach behind the popular Instagram account, The Fitness Chef, dishing out easy-to-digest nutrition facts on the foods we eat everyday.

What’s it about? Still Tasty is founded on the simple belief that you don’t need to make extreme changes to your diet to lose weight. “Understanding portion sizes and making small changes to your favourite foods to achieve a calorie deficit is not only more enjoyable, but much easier”, says The Fitness Chef. He banishes overly ambitious, unrealistic fad diets and explains in simple infographics and easy swaps how to reduce your calorie-intake, little by little. And what’s more it’s still tasty.

He shows that there’s no need to replace the food you love with food you don’t. In fact, quite the opposite. With recipes for a Proper Fry Up, Berry Jam Pancakes and Salted Caramel Porridge for breakfast, as well as plenty of pasta and pizzas, toasties and subs, curries and kebabs for mains and a whole chapter dedicated to desserts, Still Tasty is not about shaming food groups and guilt-tripping you for wanting a sticky toffee pud.

Rather, it’s about making small tweaks to the recipes you love so they’ve got less calories but they’re still just as delicious. Still Tasty arms you with the simple facts to make your relationship with food as good as it possibly can be.

Recipes we love: Berry Jam Pancakes, Reuben Toastie, Zingy Chicken, Avo & Nacho Wrap and Turkey Meatball Sub pasta.

Perfect for: Anyone who starts and stops unrealistic diets and worries that dieting is not for them, or anyone who loves food and doesn’t want to make drastic changes to lose weight.

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From the book: The Fitness Chef: Still Tasty

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