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The DIY Cook

Written by

Tim Hayward

The DIY Cook

Who’s the author? Tim Hayward, writer, broadcaster, food expert and author of FOOD DIY. Tim is a columnist in the Financial Times and his features have appeared in the FT, Guardian, Observer Food Monthly, Delicious, Olive, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Saveur and a variety of on and offline publications.

What’s it about? Each chapter of The DIY Cook is led not by recipes but 'projects': nuts-and-bolts guides to the classics in the foodie world. Constructing a cassoulet, boning and stuffing a pig's trotter, building a trifle. Each project inspires related but simpler recipes, skipping across time, cultures and cuisines.

Recipes we love: Lobster Thermidor, Steak Dianne and Tim's Chip Butty are a few of the many highlights in this brilliant book.

Good book for: Anyone looking to have fun in the kitchen. Tim breaks down all the elements of some of the world's best dishes, explaining the technicalities of getting perfect results every time. From how to make a classic hollandaise to the perfect Bouillabaisse, The DIY Cook is an education in classic cooking.

You’ll like it if: You're a Food Adventurer, you cook for pleasure. You love trying out new dishes on family and friends, and you never miss a chance to improve your knowledge and skills. You're at your happiest when you have hours to devote to a fascinating recipe.

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