The Aubergine Cookbook: 50 recipes to feed your aubergine obsession

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Published on 05 July 2018
The Aubergine Cookbook: 50 recipes to feed your aubergine obsession
50 recipes for aubergine lovers starring this versatile vegetable
Delicious aubergine dishes from around the world
Simple recipes for tasty midweek suppers

What's it about?: You might have guessed it. Yes, aubergine, but with tonnes of ideas that demonstrate just how versatile this veg can be. It's a cookbook that can be picked up and cooked from on any night of the week, from quick Monday night dinners to dishes that'll impress a crowd on the weekend. As Middle-Eastern cooking gains in popularity in the UK (thanks Ottolenghi!) so too does the humble aubergine – this is a book to show you how to bring it to centre stage and, most importantly, how to cook it properly to achieve the deliciously rich and creamy texture it's praised for.  

Who is the author?: Health and food-obsessed Heather Thomas has written a number of accessible, best-selling cookery and healthy-eating books, including several in this ingredient-led series (her previous titles in the series include The Avocado Cookbook and The Chickpea Cookbook).

Recipes we love: Spicy Moroccan Chicken & Aubergine, Roast Aubergine & Chickpea Salad, Aubergine Fritters with Honey, and Aubergine Chocolate Cake

Perfect for: The busy and health-conscious aubergine-lover, looking for easy recipes that tick all the boxes for flavour, nutrition, comfort and ease.