Nadiya Bakes

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Cover of Nadiya Bakes
Published on 09 July 2020

Who’s the author? GBBO winner, bestselling author, TV personality and inspiring foodie mum, Nadiya Hussain.

What’s it about? Nadiya finally returns to her Bake Off roots, with a cookbook dedicated solely to exquisite cakes and bakes. Nadiya Bakes has a simple fact at its heart: that baking is a fundamentally joyful activity, one that uplifts our mood and makes those around us feel good too. Nadiya focuses on recipes that will bring a little more sunshine into the world and into the lives of our friends, families, and neighbours. In true Nadiya style, the recipes in this collection have been designed with home cooks in mind, meaning they’re achievable, accessible, and bound to go down a treat with sweet enthusiasts of all ages. She’ll explore all areas of baking, conquering cakes, pies, desserts, biscuits, no-bakes bakes, breads, and savories.

In the accompanying BBC2 series, Nadiya will visit extraordinary bakeries to be inspired by other passionate bakers and to learn more about the bakes that make her happiest. Along the way, she’ll discover new recipes and techniques and, of course, create her own mouth-watering twists.

Recipes we love: Money Can’t Buy You Happiness Brownies, Baked Chilli Churros, The ‘WOW’ Bake, Mango and Coconut Cake, and Rhubarb, Rosemary, and Olive Oil Polenta Cake.

Perfect for: Anyone who loves to bake, whether they’re long-time enthusiasts who want to expand their repertoires or total novices looking for a grounding in the basics.