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Live Lagom: Balanced Living, The Swedish Way

Written by

Anna Brones


27 July 2017

Live Lagom: Balanced Living

Who’s the author? Anna Brones is a Swedish-American freelance writer, author and founder of the website Foodie Underground. Anna writes about food, bikes and culture and, as the daughter of a Swedish expat, the food and culture of Sweden features prominently in her work. It was Anna’s mother, an artist who was born and raised in Sweden, who introduced her to the ethos of Lagom.

What’s it about? Building on the growing interest in Scandinavian wellbeing, Live Lagom introduces the Swedish concept of Lagom, meaning “just the right amount”. A fascinating insight into how to achieve the balanced approach to life that makes the Swedish one of the happiest nations on earth, it includes chapters on how to channel Lagom at work, for health and at home, including a dedicated section on food and drink. From tips on building a Swedish pantry and how to observe the tradition of Fika (the iconic Swedish coffee break) to recipes for Crispbread (Knäckebröd) and Filled Cardamom Quick Buns (Fyllda Hastbullar), Live Lagom will help you understand one of the guiding principles of the Swedish kitchen and how to recreate delicious, balanced Lagom dishes at home.

Recipes we love: Dill-Marinated Cucumber (Inglad Gurka med Dill), Beetroot, Lentil and Feta Salad (Linssallad med Rödbetor och Feta ost) and Swedish Cheesecake (Ostkaka)

Good book for: Lovers of Swedish cookery and culture and anyone who followed the Hygge trend and enjoys learning about Scandinavian approaches to wellbeing.

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