Grains as Mains

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Grains as Mains
Over 150 exciting recipes using delicious grains
Easy family favourite dishes with a twist
A variety of gluten-free options

What’s it about? The Grains as Mains cookbook satisfies your appetite for tasty, versatile and healthy grains from quinoa and polenta to teff and freekeh. With over 150 fresh and exciting recipes, many of which are gluten-free, there's a something for everyone!

Recipes we love: Beef and Barley Burgers, Freekeh Sweet and Spicy Warm Salad and Thai Yellow Pumpkin Curry with Millet.

Good book for: Anyone looking to experiment with a brilliant variety of recipes where grains are the star ingredient. Ancient grains such as teff, quinoa and buckwheat, first cooked thousands of years ago, are now very much back on the menu. These grains are great for us, nutritious, protein-rich and have excellent textures.