Comptoir Libanais Express

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Cover of Comptoir Libanais Express
Published on 25 September 2014

Tony Kitous and Dan Lepard are back with a new collection of simple, fuss-free recipes that take you through the week with inspired flavours and new takes on their favourite easy-cook comfort food.

Comptoir Libanais Express is a big, bold, idea-packed cookbook inspired by Tony and Dan’s top home food hits from around the world mixed with flavours and colours from the Lebanon. Refreshing your old favourites and giving you delicious new ideas for staple ingredients that you’ll already have in the cupboard or fridge.

Rather than use an endless list of hard-to-get bits and bobs, Tony and Dan take things you can now find in the supermarket and use them throughout the book to give you value for money. Comptoir Libanais Express is packed with simple easy-to-combine ideas and dishes, endlessly variable to supercharge your cooking each time you eat.