26 Grains

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Published on 08 September 2016
26 Grains
100 inspiring grain-based recipes
Fresh and nourishing dinner ideas
Comforting sweet treats

Who's the author? Alex Hely-Hutchinson, foodie entrepreneur and owner of 26 Grains cafe in central London. 

What's it about? This book is a collection of 100 recipes that use wholesome grains from oats to amaranth to create classic breakfast porridges to nourishing dinners. 26 Grains takes inspiration from the Danish ethos of hygge to create the most comforting, nourishing and reviving dishes, all of which are both satisfying and healthy.

Recipes we love: Blueberry Porridge, Quinoa, Plum and Frangipane Pudding, Sea Bass with Tomato, Aubergine and Peal Barley. 

Good book for: Anyone who wants to achieve that comforting and cosy feeling of hygge. Plus it's a must for anyone who is obsessed with porridge and always looking for new ways to enjoy their favourite grain.