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The Slow Cooked Challenge

by Elizabeth Young

published on 11 November 2014

Miss South’s Slow Cooked is a book of no-fuss, thrifty and delicious cooking. Keen to encourage time-poor home cooks to create mouth-watering meals on tight budgets she has tested over 200 recipes, with lots of inventive ideas to use up any leftovers.

From the book

Miss South

To celebrate the publication of this beautiful book, The Happy Foodie’s Slow Cooked Challenge invited bloggers to trial a recipe, in their slow cooker if they were already fans of this device or slow cooked in a large pan if they weren’t. You can see what they came up with below…

Claire Jessiman

My slow cooker is something that always get dug out as the nights get darker, the weather turns autumnal and the clocks fall back. It’s the perfect device to create comfort food. Up until recently I’ve only had a huge 6.5ltr crock which has been both a blessing and a curse. Great for batch cooking and large items like a joint of ham or a whole chicken but not so good on a day to day basis. I’ve recently added a smaller 3.5ltr one to my kitchen so Slow Cooked couldn’t have arrived at a better time. So far I’ve made Stuffed Pumpkin, Lancashire Hotpot and Caramelised Bananas with lots more bookmarked to try.

Stuffed pumpkin, Lancashire Hotpot | Autumn Dinner Recipe

Janice Pattie

I was given my first slow cooker as a wedding present in 1981. I didn’t find it very successful and everything seemed to taste the same, so eventually I gave up on it.  I have always liked to cook things slowly and have relied on my casserole dishes and the oven, but last Christmas I decided to try again with an electric slow cooker. My cooking skills have improved considerably since 1981, as have slow cookers, so I thought it would be fun to run a monthly blog challenge to make sure that I kept using my slow cooker and to gather recipes from other slow cooking food bloggers, and so the Slow Cooked Challenge was created. Farmersgirl Kitchen has been running since 2007, I share the recipes that I cook and eat with my family.  I rarely cook the same dish twice in the same way, so always have plenty of material for blog posts.

Chorizo Butter Beans | Slow Cooker Recipe

Lucy Allen

I blog at, a blog full of baking and slow cooking recipes. As a mum of two, the slow cooker appeals to me for the convenience of being able to put a meal on earlier in the day and come back to a dish ready to eat. I also enjoy experimenting with my slow cookers and trying out new recipes in them.

Slow Cooker Meal | Lunch Recipe

Selma Jeevanjee

I have what can only be described as an obsession with cookbooks, which began at an early age with food magazines. Having recently bought a terribly under-utilised slow cooker, I was delighted to find that Miss South had published a cookbook that is chock full of a huge variety of delicious sounding recipes. I made the gorgeous Garlicky Tahini Chicken which disappeared in a flash and am now eyeing up the pudding chapter…

Garlicky Tahini Chicken | Slow Cooker Recipe

Dominic Franks

My name is Dominic and I’m a cook, food writer and creative event producer.  I write the food blog Belleau Kitchen and a monthly recipe column for Lincolnshire Life Magazine and Good Taste Magazine.  I also run creative event production company The Persuaders, producing global events for brands since 1997. I am based both in the small village of Belleau in Lincolnshire and the smaller village of London! I’m having immense fun being inventive with my slow cooker and discovering just how much can be cooked in it without it all looking and tasting like brown sludge.  Of course, with the weather now finally in full autumnal mode I am using it to cook a lot of stews but I’m branching out every day and the amount it’s saving me in electricity costs must be quite impactful… 

French Onion Soup | Slow Cooker Recipe

Rebecca Fletcher

Trying desperately to fit in with the rural Joneses and embrace country living, Margot Tries the Good Life is the musings of a rather batty townie attempting the good life in rural Hampshire with an absurdly patient husband, teenage 6 year old, fearless toddler as well as two rather bonkers cats, a working cocker spaniel puppy named Monty and chickens.  Weathering the chaos and reaching gin o’clock with some sanity intact is the main aim of the day and often rather a tall order! 

With a passion for all things food and drink, the blog is often awash with recipes created from what’s in the hedgerows and kitchen garden, echoing the seasons and celebrating locally produced food and country cooking.  Getting to grips with my new Everhot (think controllable Aga or Rayburn), I’ve changed the way I cook and become bosom buddies with my slow oven.  Slow cooking is as ideal for rural living as it is for urbanites with little time to rustle up gourmet meals after work.  I love the fact that ingredients can be thrown into the pot, left in the slow oven for hours and hungry hordes can return to a delicious meal with very little hassle – perfect for anyone trying to wrangle toddlers, juggle school runs and a few farm animals to boot.  Who wouldn’t love to come home to unctuous stew, freshly baked cake or slice of warm bread just waiting to be devoured?!

Cake | Slow Cooker Recipe

Find out more about the Slow Cooked cookbook here.

For more recipes from Slow Cooked check out these recipes:


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