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The Recipe Wheel Challenge

by Anna Lea

published on 30 July 2014

In her cookbook The Recipe Wheel, Rosie Ramsden’s recipe wheels take a core ingredient, such as chicken, or a core dish, such as potato gratin, and spin the central idea into recipes for sharing with friends, impressing for an occasion or using up leftovers for a night in on your own. To celebrate the publication of this beautiful book, The Happy Foodie’s Recipe Wheel Challenge invited bloggers to add their own recipe to one of Rosie Ramsden’s Recipe Wheels OR to create their own Recipe Wheel from their own favourite core ingredient or dish. You can see what they came up with below…

Giulia at mondomulia (spin on the bread wheel)

From The Recipe Wheel cookbook by Rosie Ramsden I chose the Molasses Bread recipe, a ‘no frills’ bread that makes deliciously sweet and dense slices of toast. I adapted it by replacing the white bread flour with rolled oats. The result is an aromatic and soft bread, with a smooth caramel flavour given by the molasses, which is a natural sweetener made from raw sugar cane. This Molasses bread is great for breakfast with butter and honey, or with almond butter and fresh strawberries. Eating fruit on toast is a healthy way to avoid sugary jams while the almond butter is a source of protein and will keep you full all morning.

Molasses Bread | Easy Baking

Rachel Phipps (spin on the bread wheel)

On my shelf in the drawing room (we’ve run out of room in the kitchen), I have 34 cookbooks. Two years ago I had 3. I have so many different cookbooks for different things; regional cooking, baking books, technique books, books full of the sort of food I like to cook and I use every day and books I love for ideas and research, but cooking out of would be totally scary! The point is that cookbooks are not necessarily something to follow to the letter, but a way to get inspiration and ideas. In my Recipe Wheel Challenge I’ve used Rosie’s Courgette, Chilli and Garlic Bruschetta recipe as a starting point and come up with a recipe that uses up your leftover bread and your Summer vegetable glut in one swoop!

Courgette, Chilli and Garlic Bruschetta | Summer Starter

Kavita at Kavey Eats (spin on the potato gratin wheel)

My name’s Kavey and I love to eat. For the last several years, I’ve also enjoyed sharing recipes, restaurant reviews and more on my blog, Kavey Eats. Some recipes are particularly well suited for adaptation and the experimentation can begin! A recipe I’ve made several versions of is a Quick & Easy Potato Dauphinoise recipe that I first made during a cookery class. 

Here is my Potato Dauphinoise Recipe Wheel…

Potato Dauphinoise | Winter Recipe

Selma at Selma’s Table (spin on the roast chicken wheel)

I have lived on three continents and travelled widely which has really influenced my palate as well as my cooking. I love strong, bold flavours but I also like keeping things simple and not overloading on ingredients so that the flavours of the food have a chance to shine. I am passionate about proper animal husbandry, buying local, supporting independent producers and eating in season which is something that I’ve also passed on to my teenage son. I have a cookbook addiction which I am trying desperately to control! Inspired by Rosie’s utterly beautiful Recipe Wheels but having a very basic software package to work with, I decided to adapt the roast chicken wheel, using eggs to place the recipe titles in. I cook a roast chicken most weeks as I love to strip the carcass and make a simple stock out of it to use in risottos, pasta sauces, soups and stews.

Chicken Recipe | Midweek Meal

Rebecca Fletcher at Margot Good Life (inventing her own courgette wheel)

As anyone who knows me well knows, new cookbooks are pure heaven to me. So when I came across Rosie Ramsden’s new cookbook, The Recipe Wheel, I was intrigued to find something rather more exciting than a collection of delicious treats to cook and serve up. Inspired by Rosie’s recipe wheel idea, I wondered if I could have a go at creating my own wheel using an ingredient at the centre of the wheel rather than a dish. 

Easy Summer Dish

You can buy your copy of Rosie Ramsden’s The Recipe Wheel by clicking here


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