The Primrose Bakery's Spring Baking Gift Guide

As the days get longer and blossoms burst into bloom, we can't help but feel like baking. If you're feeling the same and are in search of a little inspiration, here's a Spring Baking Gift Guide from The Primrose Bakery. These lovely items would make wonderful presents for a friend, or yourself of course... 

Spring Baking Gift Guide

1. Primrose Bakery Everyday

The bakery’s fifth book, Primrose Bakery Everyday, is a collection of recipes to use throughout the year, all of which we make at the bakeries regularly so they are thoroughly tried and tested. We try and make use of seasonal ingredients but also ingredients that are widely available thereby making the recipes easy to put together on any day of the year. How about trying a strawberry and apricot Battenberg cake as strawberries start to come into season?

Primrose Bakery Everyday
Build your baking repertoire with over 100 fool-proof recipes
Inventive bakes for every season
Ideas for everyday baking and special occasions
Matcha Tea Spring Baking

2. Matcha green tea powder

Matcha green tea cupcakes are our latest cupcake flavour but you could also make a delicious matcha green tea latte with some of this powder. Make sure to always buy a premium grade one which is 100% green tea (like this one) and mostly they are packaged in beautiful tins that will brighten up any kitchen. 

Primrose Bakery Gift Guide

3. Primrose Bakery apron and tea towel

For any aspiring bakers, young or old, the bakery’s linen tea towels and cotton aprons might even help the recipes turn out even better! Get the apron here and tea towel here

4. Chef’s blowtorch

A small chef’s blowtorch makes a great gift for a baker. It’s brilliant for finishing off classic desserts and cakes, such as creme brûlée or our lemon meringue cupcakes. Not to mention – they’re always fun to use! They are now widely available from Amazon, hardware shops and even some supermarkets.

flowers used by Primrose Bakery

5. Flowers from Scarlet and Violet

The flowers from Scarlet and Violet would make a beautiful gift to oneself or to someone else. Their unique arrangements brighten up any room and we often use them at the bakery, both in our books and in the shops or for any events we are doing.

baking classes for a gift

6. Gift voucher for Primrose Bakery decorating class

To perfect the Primrose Bakery icing swirl, a voucher for one of our classes held at our Covent Garden shop every other weekend is a great gift for a couple of friends or even a group looking for a fun weekend activity. The classes last an hour and a half and are hosted by one of the bakery chef’s. Plus everyone gets to take their cakes home with them of course!

Ready to get baking? Try making Primrose Bakery's Bakewell Slice, Banoffee Loaf or Gluten-free Black Forest Cake.

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