The Fit Foodie Philosophy

Want to learn how to eat and exerciser better? Take 10 top tips from ex-athlete and three-time Olympian, Derval O'Rourke. These 10 tips are the building blocks to leading a healthier, fitter lifestyle as outlined in her brilliant cookbook, The Fit Foodie.

The Fit Foodie
Light and fresh recipes with a focus on fitness
Comforting classics with a nourishing twist
Energy-boosting snacks

Here are some words of wisdom to help you on your way to The Fit Foodie lifestyle (extract from The Fit Foodie by Derval O'Rourke).

1. FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL Okay, it’s an old one, but it’s totally relevant to cooking. Take the time to stock your kitchen properly. Do this and you’ll never be caught out with no options for dinner.

2. STAY COOL Freezer space is valuable: use it wisely. Your freezer can become your go-to place for tasty, healthful, readymade home-cooked meals.

3. SHOP SMART If you see delicious, healthy food on offer, buy it in bulk: this will do wonders for your health and your finances. Look out for fruits and vegetables in season: get them while they’re in abundance.

4. COOK ONCE, EAT TWICE Dishes such as stews and curries often taste even better on the second day, so it makes sense to cook them in big batches. Fall in love with leftovers!

5. GET YOUR GADGETS There are certain pieces of kitchen equipment that I’d be lost without. Figure out what you want to cook regularly and then buy a few tools that will help to make your cooking speedy and fun.

6. KEEP A DIARY Plan your time as best you can – and prioritise the things that matter to you. Jot down in advance the days that you will do a workout or go shopping for ingredients. It’s a great way to keep track of yourself.

7. DIGITAL DETOX It’s great that we live in the age of the internet but it’s important that technology doesn’t take over our lives. Put down your phone and go for a walk or a run. You won’t regret it.

8. 20-MINUTE RULE No matter how busy you are, you can probably find 20 spare minutes in your day. Use this time to prepare food or to move your body in some way. It will do you the world of good!

9. SLEEP IS SACRED I love to sleep. Good sleep is such a foundation of good health. Trust me: there is nothing on your phone late at night that is more important than getting your sleep. Put down the phone!

10. CAKE CAN BE THE ANSWER I don’t keep junk food in my house: I would be far too tempted to eat it. I do, however, keep ingredients in my larder that allow me to make a cake at any given time. Sometimes a bit of baking and a slice of homemade cake is just what you need. Life is too short not to make a cake every now and then!

Want to try out some recipes from The Fit Foodie? Check out Derval's Overnight Oats with Chia and Raspberry, Laid-back Lamb Tagine or her Kale Krisps


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