Meera Sodha's Indian Feasting Menu

Spice up your next dinner party with Meera Sodha's Indian Feasting Menu. This menu is bound to wow guests, and with elements that can be made in advance, won't leave you feeling rushed off your feet. This could be a delicious alternative to traditional Christmas Dinner or line it up for a New Year's dinner party or family gathering. 

Meera Sodha's Indian Festive Menu

Chilli Paneer from Made in India

Meera's take on this spectacular street food dish makes an excellent starter or side to an Indian feast. This recipe can be made in minutes, so no need to sweat over any lengthy preparation.

Made in India: Cooked in Britain: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen
130 mouth-watering Indian recipes made simple
Aromatic curries and flavourful dals
Homemade chutneys and pickles
Meera Sodha's Indian Festive Menu

Quick Peshwari Roti from Made in India

Our advice on these gorgeous Peshwari Rotis? Double whatever you're planning to make - they go down a storm! Meera's easy recipe and no-fuss method means these Peshwari roti can be on the table in next to no time (and they'll be eaten in even less!). 

Meera Sodha's Indian Festive Menu

Lamb Raan from Made in India​​​​​​​

The crowning jewel of your Indian Dinner Party Menu - Meera's stunning Lamb Raan. This warmly spiced leg of lamb is prepared the day before and then, on the day of serving, is incredibly low maintenance. Just what you need from your dinner party showstopper. 

Meera Sodha's Indian Festive Menu

Maharajah's Rice from Fresh India

An Indian feast isn't complete without a vat of steaming rice. This stunning rice dish, jewelled with dried fruits and nuts is the perfect accompaniment to any festive meal or special occasion. 

Meera Sodha's Indian Festive Menu

Gulab Jamuns in Saffron Syrup from Fresh India

Finish up your Indian feast in style with these traditional favourites, Gulab Jamuns. These pretty little milky doughnuts can be made up to a week in advance and keep happily in the fridge. A deliciously authentic way to end a fantastic Indian feast. 

For more incredible Indian recipes for occasions and the everyday, check out Meera's two cookbooks, Made in India and Fresh India

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