Jack Monroe’s Favourite Food Blogs

You came to the world’s attention through your blog. Are there food bloggers you admire?

I follow a lot of blogs myself. I was unaware of the whole blogosphere before I became very much a part of it and one of the things I like about it is the ability to connect with other people, other bloggers who’ll leave comments on your posts and then you can trundle through and find their blogs.

One is a by a woman called Joanna Dobson who is part of the Incredible Edible project which encourages local communities to use public space to grow edible plants. So things like mint bushes, blackberry bushes, apple trees, just using spare land to grown things that the community can eat. I love that project, it’s something that I hope to be involved in my hometown myself at some point in the future. It’s on my to do list because the idea of it really excites me; I think ‘yea sure, that’s what public space should be for. Why aren’t we growing food on it, it’s what I do in my garden, I don’t grow anything I can’t eat so why aren’t local councils taking that on board as well. So that’s Joanna Dobson’s blog.

 And other blogs that I love, I like Ms Marmite Lover. She does secret supper clubs from her home and I like the idea of the pop up underground restaurant. I met her at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival and she’s also a great laugh. Her blog is just so foodie, it’s full of delicious ideas and inventions and creations and it’s one of those that I sit and I read and I could feel myself getting hunger and hungrier as I read through it.

 Other food blogs I love: Fiona Beckett’s The Frugal Cook. It’s full of good ideas and she also does the 5:2 Diet which puts a bit of a spin on things.

Yea there are loads; I mean could sit a reel of loads of blogs that I love. Thrifty Lesley is another one, Lesley Cooper who was featured in the press recently for doing meals for herself, menus for herself and her family for less than £1 a day. Lesley’s been going at this for far far longer than I have and she is a huge inspiration to me. We’re always cross referencing each other’s posts and hints and tips, and I love that it doesn’t just fall to me to educate people about how to for themselves cheaply. I absolutely love Lesley’s blog and it’s packed full of ideas.

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