7 mouthwatering vegan recipes from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Yotam Ottolenghi and his Ottolenghi FLAVOUR co-author Ixta Belfrage may not be vegan chefs, but their joint obsession with vegetables means that many of their recipes just so happen to be completely plant-based. In their quest to enhance and intensify the complex flavours of vegetables, they pair ingredients in new, exciting ways, experiment with a variety of cooking processes, and make their produce sing using a range of indispensible flavour intensifiers. For those who stick to a plant-based diet, these recipes are nothing short of a godsend, injecting vibrant, intense, and exciting flavours into familiar ingredients. Meanwhile, for anyone who's not totally sold on vegan food, recipes like these will convince them that vegan dishes can be as flavourful, complex, and substantial as anything made using animal products. Trust us: these dishes are guaranteed to impress!

Ottolenghi FLAVOUR
A guide to unlocking the complex flavour in simple vegetables
With a focus on creative cooking processes and clever ingredient pairing
Including recipes for everything from midweek meals to weekend feasts
Sweet Potato in Tomato, Lime & Cardamom Sauce from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Sweet Potato in Tomato, Lime and Cardamom Sauce

Once you've made this incredibly flavoursome tomato, lime, and cardamom sauce, you'll want to put it on absolutely everything - from the sweet potato rounds used in this recipe to chickpeas, tofu, and roasted vegetables. It addictively tangy and fragrant, with a touch of sweetness and a healthy kick of chilli.

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Udon Noodles with Fried Tofu and Orange Nam Jim from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Udon Noodles with Fried Tofu and Orange Nam Jim

For a robust, dynamic, and satisfying vegan meal try this Thai-inspired udon noodle dish. Cubes of firm tofu are marinated in soy sauce and maple syrup for an hour before being fried until crisp and golden, then tossed with the noodles, fresh aromatics, and a delicious sweet/sour/salty nam jim sauce.

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Portobello Steaks with Butterbean Mash from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Portobello Steaks with Butter Bean Mash

These portobello 'steaks' are roasted slowly, along with garlic, onion, chipotle chilli, and olive oil, to impart a deliciously meaty flavour and texture. The creamy butter bean mash makes a perfect accompaniment to these rich, flavourful mushrooms.

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Turnip Cake from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Turnip Cake

A creative alternative to the ubiquitous nut loaf, this festive turnip cake is a total gamechanger. Turnip cake is a classic element of Chinese dim sum, but this vegan version replaces the traditional sausage and dried shrimp with sweet and salty clusters of shiitake mushrooms, pine nuts, chestnuts, and sesame seeds. Prepare to drastically level up your Sunday roast or Christmas dinner!

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Chickpea Pancakes with Mango Pickle Yoghurt from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Chickpea Pancakes with Mango Pickle Yoghurt

Flavoured with ginger, garlic and chilli, these fluffy chickpea flour pancakes make for an utterly divine vegan meal. You can serve them with a quick spring onion salad, or pair them with some of the berbere ratatouille from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR for a more substantial meal. Either way, don't leave out the moreish mango pickle yoghurt, which is just as delicious when made with a vegan alternative yoghurt.

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Lime & Coconut Potato Gratin from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

Lime and Coconut Potato Gratin

You can trust Ottolenghi and his test kitchen team to reinvent - and reinvigorate - classic dishes. Hence this uniquely flavoursome take on potato gratin, made using coconut cream, fresh lime, and crispy fried chilli, garlic and ginger. It would be divine as part of an alternative, Chinese-inspired Sunday roast spread, served alongside the tahini and soy dressed cucumber salad and the steamed aubergines with charred chilli salsa from Ottolenghi FLAVOURthough we could just as happily eat the whole thing as it is.

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One-Pan Orecchiette Puttanesca from Ottolenghi FLAVOUR

One-Pan Orecchiette Puttanesca

This vegan take on pasta puttanesca ticks every box for us: the traditional capers and olives remain, while the anchovies are replaced by chickpeas, smoked paprika and cumin. Cherry tomatoes and lemon zest, meanwhile, lend the dish sweetness and freshness. Better yet, it's all cooked in one pot, orecchiette included, so that the pasta soaks up all the vibrant flavour of the sauce. Consider this your new go-to store cupboard stand-by.

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