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5 reasons you’ll love Nadiya Hussain’s new cookbook, Fast Flavours

by Jessica Lockyer-Palmer

published on 5 November 2021

1. It’s a celebration of fuss-free flavour

Fast Flavours is all about dialling up the flavour while keeping the fuss to a minimum. By focusing on hard-working ingredients, effort-saving tips, and savvy shortcuts, Nadiya teaches you to cook smarter, faster and better. You’ll learn how to reinvent your leftovers to make each cooking session go further, maximise the contents of your cupboards and, in Nadiya’s own words, “go to town on creating great flavours” with recipes that are either fast in speed or fast in flavour, and in many cases both.

2. It’s organised according to flavour profiles

One of the most unique aspects of Fast Flavours is its ingenious organisation. Instead of chapters dedicated to meal types or dish categories, Nadiya groups the book’s 100 recipes according to taste, so you can choose what to cook based on the flavour you’re craving. All the bases are covered with herby, spicy, cheesy, nutty, zesty, earthy, and fruity all catered for. “I have chaptered this book the best way I know how”, says Nadiya. “You know those times when you are on your way home from a hard day’s work and you start a sentence in your head or begin tapping out a text message or whisper involuntarily, ‘I fancy something…’ Well, let me help you end that thought!”

3. It’s packed with easy ideas for every occasion

Fans of Nadiya’s accessible cooking style will be reassured to find the same emphasis on ease and practicality in Fast Flavours, with plenty of chuck-in-the-oven traybakes, all-in-one cakes, quick pasta, simple curries and make-ahead saviours to try. As well as being a trusty companion to midweek cooking, Fast Flavours is also packed with inspiration for special occasions, with the likes of fish and meat centrepieces (think salsa verde side of salmon or pomegranate seed-studded chops), cakes fit for birthdays and other special days, and dinner party desserts.

4. It’s full of Nadiya’s signature inspired twists on the classics

Nadiya’s trademark creative reimaginings of the classics are one of the things we look forward to most in her cookbooks and Fast Flavours does not disappoint. Some of our favourite inspired twists include a sweet fruit-based take on shakshuka, a chipotle-spiked savoury baklava bake, a giant savoury Eccles cake stuffed with sweet potato and coffee-glazed focaccia. There are also plenty of clever fusion dishes, from hoisin duck tostadas to Bombay mix burgers. Nadiya’s recipe inventing genius knows no bounds.

5. It features all of the recipes from the upcoming BBC series

If you love Nadiya’s cookery shows as much as her cookbooks, you’ll be pleased to find every recipe from the upcoming BBC series in Fast Flavours so you can cook along to each episode and bookmark all of your favourites to return to again and again.

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