5 Infused Alcohol Recipes

Infusing your own booze has become an increasingly trendy thing to do over the colder months. We've rounded up 5 of our favourite recipes that are perfect for cosy nights in and make impressive homemade gifts too! 

5 infused alcohol recipes

Habanero Rum from Craft Spirits by DK Publishing

Add a fiery kick to your tipple with this habanero chillli-infused rum, which makes a great homemade gift for the spice fiend in your life.

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Infused alcohol recipes

Raspberry Gin from Homemade Christmas by DK Publishing

This easy infusion recipe has a deliciously fruity flavour, and can be made well in advance so you can really get ahead with your gift planning.

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infused alcohol recipes

Chocolate Vodka from Craft Spirits by DK Publishing

Evening cocktail? Dessert? You choose! This chocolate-infused vodka is as delicious as it sounds, perfect for the chocolate lovers out there. 

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infused alcohol recipes

Aromatic Bitters from Cocktails

Similar to the classic Angosturia bitters, this is an easy and foolproof recipe to make your own aromatic bitters that taste as good if not better than the ones served at a cocktail bar. 

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infused alcohol recipes

Blackberry Whisky from Craft Spirits by DK Publishing

And for the whisky fans... this fruity concoction made with fresh blackberries is a definite keeper. 

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