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10 one-dish recipes you’ll love in One Pot Vegan

by Malou Herkes

published on 28 July 2020

We can't wait to tuck into, One Pot Vegan the brand new cookbook from the loveable duo behind SO VEGAN, one of the world's most popular vegan food platforms. With 80 tried-and-tested recipes that use only one dish, whether it’s a pot, a pan, a roasting tray or a cake tin, One Pot Vegan is all about making it easier to eat plant-based meals everyday. Here are ten vibrant, veg-centric, delicious recipes from the book to get your tastebuds going.

From the book

Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges one pot vegan so vegan

Loaded Sweet Potato Wedges

The humble sweet potato wedge takes centre stage here with a homemade 'queso', made using cashews, garlic, lime and nutritional yeast, black beans and a colourful mango salsa. Put it in the middle of a sharing table for everyone to tuck into.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

No Waste Harissa Cauliflower one pot vegan so vegan

No Waste Harissa Cauliflower

Cauliflower stem and leaves roasted with spicy harissa paste and tartly sweet pomegranate molasses bring a new dimension to this one-tray wonder. Toss together with lamb’s lettuce, garlicky vegan yoghurt dressing, crunchy hazelnuts, and mint and parsley and you've got yourself a colourful, healthy and zero waste dinner.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Weeknight Peanut Butter Udon one pot vegan so vegan

Weeknight Peanut Butter Udon

Peanut butter is the secret to this 20-minute midweek meal, combined with soy sauce, sugar, lime and sesame oil for a flavour-packed sauce with minimal effort. This flexi dish will work with any veggies, including mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, mangetout, green beans or baby corn.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

cheeky Chimichurri Fajitas one pot vegan so vegan

Cheeky Chimichurri Fajitas

This Friday night feast champions spiced 'meaty' mushrooms and peppers, roasted with a peppy mix of smoked paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper and dried oregano. Pair with fresh, spicy chimichurri sauce and wedge it all into a soft tortilla wrap – it's a yes from us!

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Tofu Satay with Cauliflower Rice one pot vegan so vegan

Tofu Satay with Cauliflower Rice

Team protein-packed tofu with a rich, garlicky peanut sauce, a quick veggie pickle and carb-free cauliflower rice. Serve up with salted peanuts for extra crunch. 

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Sweet and Sour Jackfruit Fakeaway one pot vegan so vegan

Sweet + Sour Jackfruit Fakeaway

This one-tray twist on a classic Chinese takeaway features tender jackfruit in a sweet and sour sauce. With it's pulled meat-like texture and ability to absorb flavour, jackfruit is a brilliant stand-in for meat in this clever fakeaway.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Penne Caponata  one pot vegan so vegan

Penne Caponata

This Sicilian-inspired pasta makes the most of kitchen staples, pairing a punchy, slightly sweet and tangy sauce of vinegar, raisins, capers and olives with juicy aubergine and pasta. Comfort food, the summer edition. 

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

‘Seafood’ Scallop Paella one pot vegan so vegan

Seafood 'Scallop' Paella

“The OG of one-pot meals”, say So Vegan who have used nori seaweed here to create a traditional taste of the sea. Spiked with smoked paprika and saffron, and bulked out with king oyster mushrooms, this is a delicious vegan riff on Spanish paella.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Whole Roast Katsu Cauliflower one pot vegan so vegan

Whole Roast Katsu Cauliflower

“Not many vegetables have the confidence to take centre stage like the cauliflower”, showcased here as a showstopper main that you can carve at the table. Roasted in curry spices for a katsu kick, surrounded with a creamy stock and topped with pecan breadrumbs for delicious texture. 

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

Caribbean Feast

DIY jerk sauce meets crisp corn, tender plantain and substantial rice in this colourful dish Roxy and Ben describe as a fiesta of food.

Order your copy of One Pot Vegan here.

From the book



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