Rebujito Cocktail

The ultimate refreshing drink, this Spanish Rebujito cocktail brings together the flavours of mint, lemon and fino sherry, served over ice for a cooling tipple on a hot summer day.


This is the drink that keeps the feria dancing in Spain’s Jerez in spring – utterly scrumptious and showcases sherry at the heart of this beautiful batch cocktail.


Mint leaves
Ice cubes
60ml fino sherry (Tio Pepe works a charm)
120ml lemonade (such as 7Up or Sprite)
Slice of lemon (to garnish, optional)

Essential kit

You will need: a Highball or Collins glass, or a 2-litre jug to make a large batch.


Fill your glass with ice cubes and fresh mint, then pour in fino sherry and top up with 7Up or Sprite. Add more cubed ice, and a lemon slice to garnish is optional. Dance!

To make a large batch: 

Follow the above proportions (one part fino sherry to two parts fizz) and combine all the ingredients in a 2-litre jug. You’ll need to make another jug very quickly – this stuff vanishes like music in the night.

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