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Nadiya Hussain’s Seafood Boil with Zesty Butter Sauce

A simple take on the classic Southern seafood boil, this is an event of a dish, with crab, mussels, prawns, and corn on the cob all doused in a citrusy garlic butter sauce.

From the book


I had a seafood boil for the first time in Louisiana and the flavour was like nothing I had ever tasted before. It was a huge cookout for dozens of people, and quite the affair, with lots of kit and so big it looked like it was fit for the BFG. Here I have come up with a simpler version, baked with all the deliciousness of that boil, just with less of the work. Quick-baked shellfish served with a luxurious zesty butter sauce to pour all over.

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For the corn and potatoes:
2 whole corn on the cobs, each one cut lengthways into 4 pieces
250g small salad potatoes, halved if large
2 lemons, halved
2 bulbs of garlic, halved horizontally
6 bay leaves
1 cinnamon stick
200ml olive oil
a good pinch of salt
For the seafood:
500g fresh prawns in shells
4 large crab claws
500g mussels
(or 1.5kg in total of any shellfish you like)
For the butter sauce:
250g unsalted butter
250ml orange juice
6 cloves of garlic, minced
30g bunch of fresh coriander, finely chopped
2 tbsp ground black pepper
2 tbsp chilli flakes
1 tbsp celery salt


Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan 170°C/gas mark 5. Get two of the largest roasting trays you can find to fit in your oven.

Add the corn, potatoes, lemons, garlic, bay and cinnamon to the trays. Drizzle over the oil. Mix well and season with the salt. Cover with foil and bake for 50 minutes.

Prepare your seafood . . .

Make your butter sauce by adding the butter, orange juice, garlic, coriander, pepper, chilli flakes and celery salt to a pan. Mix and bring to the boil, then as soon as the butter has melted and it’s just come up to the boil, lower and simmer on a medium heat.

Take the trays out of the oven and add your prawns and crab claws right on top, mixing and moving everything. Cover with foil and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven, take off the foil and drizzle over half the butter sauce. Finally, add the mussels and mix through. Leave the foil off and bake for another 10 minutes.

Take out and serve with the remainder of the butter sauce on the side. Get your fingers in as soon as possible and squeeze the roasted lemons of all their warm juices. Enjoy the garlic cloves that taste like garlic-flavoured potatoes, the crunchy corn and soft roasted baby potatoes. Most of all, that sea-food, as you patiently remove the shells that stand between you and the tender meat, covered in a buttery, citrus sauce.


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From the book: Nadiya’s Everyday Baking

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