Elderflower and Passionfruit Cooler

Nigella Lawson's easy Elderflower and Passionfruit Cooler is the perfect addition to any Summer. Come rain or shine, this delicious mocktail is bound to brighten up your day.

Nigella Summer
From the book Nigella Summer
Nigella Lawson


This is the perfect drink to have by the pitcherful for summer lunches in the garden: easy to make, easier still to drink.

Serves 6


elderflower cordial
fizzy water
3-4 passionfruit (strained if preferred)
ice cubes
sprigs fresh mint


In a large glass jug, pour about one-third elderflower cordial to two-thirds fizzy water.

Add the pulp and seeds of the passionfruit (or strain them if you prefer this pipless) and then chunk up with ice cubes, adding a few sprigs of fresh mint if you have any to hand.

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