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Cream Cheese Frosting

Learn how to make perfect cream cheese frosting with this simple recipe from Konditor & Cook's Gerhard Jenne.


This basic frosting recipe can easily be adapted with different flavours. The thickness of the frosting depends on the consistency of the cream cheese you use. You may have to add more icing sugar if it is too wet.

At Konditor & Cook we use the cream cheese supplied to us by our dairy, which is relatively firm, with a creamy colour. However, for this book all the recipes have been tested using the widely available full-fat Philadelphia cheese. It makes a lighter frosting but the consistency is very satisfactory.

Use this frosting recipe to make Konditor & Cook’s scrumptious Coffee and Walnut Cake.

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200g full-fat cream cheese
400g icing sugar
50g unsalted butter

Essential kit

You will need a handheld electric mixer.


Put the cream cheese, icing sugar and any flavouring (see below) into a bowl and beat slowly with a handheld electric mixer until smooth. Put the butter in a small pan and soften over a very low heat so that it just disintegrates rather than becomes piping hot. With the hand mixer still on a slow speed, gradually pour the melted butter into the cream cheese mixture until it is completely combined, then whisk it briefly at a higher speed. If you’re happy with the consistency, use it straight away. If the butter was too warm, the frosting may be a bit soft and will need chilling slightly first.

For vanilla frosting: Seeds of ½ vanilla pod or ½ tsp vanilla extract.

For raspberry or blackcurrant frosting: 50g frozen raspberry or blackcurrant puree, thawed, or 100g fresh or frozen raspberries or blackcurrants. If making raspberry or blackcurrant frosting from whole fruit, heat the fruit until the juices run, then blitz with a handheld blender. Boil until reduced by half, then pass it through a fine sieve to remove the seeds and leave to cool.

For coffee frosting: 2 tbsp Instant coffee, dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water.

For lemon frosting: Grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon.

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