You Are What You Eat: Total Health Overhaul: The 8-week Plan to Renovate Your Health - Lose Weight, Feel Energised and Reduce Your Risk of Illness

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Published on 03 January 2008

The brand-new title in the bestselling You Are What You Eat series will help you overhaul your health and make long-term lifestyle changes.

- Turn bad eating habits into good ones
- 'Fitness focus' exercises to introduce activity every day
- Delicious, healthy recipes using nutritious wholefoods
- Long-term solutions to reduce your risk of illness

Discover the things you should be doing but don't - as well as those you do but shouldn't - in order to turn your health around for good. And with the simple-to-follow 8-week plan, you can revamp your diet, dump the junk and introduce exercise into your daily routine.