Which Wine When: What to Drink with the Food You Love

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Cover of Which Wine When: What to Drink with the Food You Love

Who are the authors? Albert Blaize was recently named the UK's Top Young Sommelier by Flint Wines, and currently takes care of the wine at Serge et le Phoque in London's Fitzrovia. Claire Strickett has worked in kitchens, restaurant marketing, publicity, and recipe writing for leading chefs and restaurateurs.

What's it about? Which Wine When is a wine guide for real life. Designed with modern lifestyles and dining habits in mind, it’s the ideal book for anyone who knows their sourdough from their sliced white, but still finds themselves panicking in the wine aisle while trying to make decisions based on labels and price points alone. With Which Wine When, you can look up specific dishes or styles of cooking and find a host of potential wine pairings to help guide you in the right direction at your local wine shop or supermarket. Whether you’re enjoying a bowl of pasta on the couch, cooking a Sunday roast, ordering takeaway, or taking a bottle to a friend’s house, you’ll find affordable, accessible, and interesting recommendations to suit the occasion. With a clever wine pairing, even the most down-to-earth meal or snack can be transformed into a well-designed taste experience.

Perfect for: Those who might not yet have an in-depth knowledge of grape varieties and flavour profiles, but care about good wine and want straightforward advice on pairing wine with food.