Where the Wild Cooks Go: World Tour: Food, Music, Poems and Cocktails

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Published on 05 September 2019

Who's the author? Food-enthusiast Cerys Matthews, MBE, is a musician, BBC Broadcaster, and author of the Sunday Times bestseller Hook Line and Singer and children's books Tales from the Deep and Gelert. Her passion for all things culinary led her to launch The Good Life Experience, a festival celebrating great food, music, culture and the wild outdoors, inviting some of the nation’s leading chefs to cook delicious barbecue feasts.

What's it about? With a childhood spent foraging and learning to make flapjacks and nettle soup, followed by a life of touring as a musician around the world and delighting in the delicious local delicacies discovered along the way, a love for food and cooking has always been at the heart of Cerys Matthew’s experiences. Cerys’ cookbook debut is the long-awaited exploration of her culinary learnings around the globe, celebrating the flavours and ingredients that accompanied the music, poetry, and local culture she discovered during her travels, and the recipes she took home with her to recreate in her own London kitchen, where she cooks every day.

Recipes we love: Thousand-hole Pancakes, Vermouth with Anchovy-filled Green Olives, Fresh Tomatoes with Za'atar, Hot Baked Soda Bread, Pineapple with Chilli and Vegan Haggis.

Perfect for: any fans of the marvelous Cerys Matthews, curious to learn about the recipes and stories that accompanied her musical experiences and shaped her eclectic knowledge of different cultures and their food, drinks, music and poetry. It's also a go-to for anyone cooking for groups with different dietary requirements, with its variety of flexible recipes for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.