Weekly Provisions: How To Eat Seasonally And Love What's Left Over

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Weekly Provisions: How To Eat Seasonally And Love What's Left Over
Joyful, seasonal recipes designed to help you waste less
Reinvent your weekend feasts and eat well throughout the week
With recipes for everything from brunch dishes to desserts

Who's the author? Kim Duke is a chef, recipe developer, and food writer. As well as being head chef at The White Hart Pub in New Cross Gate, Kim is also the co-founder of Life Kitchen, an award-winning social enterprise that offers free cookery classes for people living with cancer. Weekly Provisions is her debut cookbook.

What's it about? Weekly Provisions is all about the joy and pleasure of creating beautiful, seasonal food, without wasting a crumb. The importance of not throwing food away was impressed upon Kim at a young age, and today she takes great satisfaction in repurposing and reinventing every morsel. Her inspired approach to leftovers (and food in general) is what makes the recipes in this book so compelling.

Weekly Provisions is divided into seasonal chapters: you'll discover fresh and zesty summer recipes designed for sharing; lip-tingling curries and Chinese-inspired dumplings for autumn; slow-cooked roasts, crisp pastries, and spicy jams for winter, and fresh seafood and lamb for springtime. Vegans and vegetarians will find plenty to satisfy them too, with baked rice centrepieces, Greek-inspired pies, and sumptuous pasta dishes. The major recipes in each chapter are deliberately designed to provide ample leftovers, and with these leftovers Kim creates a constellation of playful and creative secondary dishes. Whether repurposing honey roast ham to make Hawaiin fried rice, or transforming poached pear syrup into a zingy pear and apple spritz, these recipes encourage you to eat lavishly throughout the week, while wasting as little as possible.

Recipes we love: Chorizo and Fennel Jam on Toast; Paneer, Green Lentil, and Cashew Curry; Tonka Bean Custard with Baked Plums; Honey and Spice Roasted Duck and Pineapple Doughnuts with Coconut Kaya Jam

Perfect for: If you love to cook and eat exciting, vibrant food, but also feel an intrinsic responsibility to reduce food waste, this book is for you. Fans of seasonal eating and inventive flavour combinations will also be enthralled.