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Published on 06 July 2017
Delicious recipes from the chef behind Trullo and Padella
Serious cooking with a laidback approach
A British take on Italian cuisine

Who's the author? London restaurant Trullo, and its baby sister, Padella, are taking the food world by storm with modern Italian recipes with a British twist. The chef behind them, Tim Siadatan, presents this must-have Italian cookbook. 

What's it about: Trullo presents a British take on Italian cooking, marrying the best of the Italian cuisine together with British produce. This cookbook is about enjoying every element of Italian cookery, whether than be putting on an impressive dinner party spread or simply mastering the perfect, silky pasta sauce. 

Recipes we love: Rolled Pork with Nduja and Prunes, Pici Cacio e Pepe, Summer Almond Tart. 

Good book for: Lovers of Italian cooking, anyone and everyone who has been to Trullo or Padella and had a truly sumptuous experience - with this cookbook you can replicate a piece of that wonderful experience at home.