The Noodle Cookbook

The Noodle Cookbook
A collection of flavour-packed noodle recipes for every occasion
From Japanese-inspired ramen to plant-based noodle stir-fries
With advice on noodle varieties and store cupboard essentials

Who's the author? From Damian King Lee, co-founder of gourmet instant noodle brand, Mr Lee's, comes this cookbook packed with 101 healthy, delicious noodle recipes.

In 2014, after being told he had only a few weeks to live, Damian King Lee went on a mission to overhaul his diet. “I knew that for me at that time, a diet of no nasties, raw food and chemo, as well as having a determined mind and spirit was the only way to beat this thing. But all the time I craved my favourite guilty pleasure: instant noodles". So Mr Lee's healthy instant noodles was born... and now you can make them at home too. The Noodle Cookbook was also written with Mr Lee's Executive Chef, Andy Chu and Development Chef and Writer, Jackie Kearney.

What's it about? This ultimate noodle cookbook is divided up into chapters spanning Vietnam and China, Korea, Japan and Thailand, stuffed with well-balanced, low-salt, low-fat meals, from soups to curries, light bites to dumplings, that will satisfy all of your noodle cravings. We love the first chapter, dedicated to Mr Lee's favourite recipes, including Spicy Malaysian Noodle Curry, Penang Hot & Sour Noodle Soup and Char Kway Teow Noodles.

Beautifully designed, this cookbook comes with a detailed key to every noodle type, as well as an essential store-cupboard section, notes on health-boosting 'hero ingredients' and healthy swap ins for your favourite Asian condiments. 

Recipes we love: Duck Noodle Tortilla, Mr Lee's Balinese-Style Skewers with Peanut Satay Sauce, Dan Dan Noodle Soup with Lamb, Shanghai 'Yum Cha' Noodles and Mr Lee's Cracking Katsu.

Perfect for: fans of healthy homemade 'fakeaways' and any noodle-lovers seeking healthier twists that still deliver big on flavour.