The Missing Ingredient: The Curious Role of Time in Food and Flavour

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Published on 01 March 2018

Who's the author?: Author and food writer Jenny Linford is the founder of the popular Gastro-Soho Tours, personal guided routes around of the many fantastic food shops in one of London's most interesting foodie neighbourhoods. After a 26 year career in the food industry spent meeting suppliers, makers, chefs and shopkeepers, what Jenny doesn't know about food and ingredients probably isn't worth knowing.

What's it about?: The Missing Ingredient explores the essential role that time plays in the preparation of food. Divided into chapters based on the length of time taken to prepare each ingredient, from minutes to years, readers will encounter fascinating sections on everything from cooking the perfect steak to the ageing of balsamic vinegar, as Jenny reveals that it is time itself that is the essential component when it comes to realising the full potential of culinary ingredients.

Perfect for: The Missing Ingredient is the perfect book for anyone with an interest in the processes behind the production of some of our most prized ingredients. Ultimately, it is a book about what makes food a success, making this an insightful read for any cook.