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The Gut Reaction Eating Plan: Choose, prepare and combine foods to cleanse your system and revitalise your health

Written by

Gudrun Jonsson


06 April 2000

There is no such thing as a panacea diet to suit every digestion. Each one of us comes into the world with our own individual set of generic strengths and weaknesses, which we tend either to capitalise on or undermine through food fads or preferences. Good health and its maintenance depend on our ability to assess the state of our digestion and to select and prepare foods that are appropriate to that state.

These simple truths form the cornerstone of Gudrun Jonsson’s new book The Gut Reaction Eating Plan. It demonstrates that it is possible to enjoy a delicious and broad range of foods against a background of what may seem to be chronic difficulties with digestion – simply by recognising your problem and eating only what is best for you. The book is packed with mouthwatering recipes that are coded to tie in with the many and varied eating plans, as well as tips for overcoming colds and hangovers. It even suggests how you can stay better once you are better.


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