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The Full Freezer Method

Written by

Kate Hall


14 March 2024

The Full Freezer Method cookbook

Who’s the author? Kate Hall runs a full-time business helping people transform their lives by unlocking the potential of their freezer. Inspired by her mum, she began to explore ways to take control of her freezer to save money, reduce waste, and enjoy delicious, healthy food. And so The Full Freezer Method was born. She has been featured on BBC News, Steph’s Packed Lunch and The Drew Barrymore Show.

What’s it about? Kate is on a mission to show that this often-maligned kitchen appliance really can overhaul the way you shop, cook and eat, saving you money, time and food waste.

So many of use our freezers as a place to store that half-opened packet of frozen peas or fish fingers, or a mysterious container of unlabelled leftovers. But with its helpful illustrations and money-saving tips, this book’s simple five-step guide will change the way you think about frozen food. It will empower you to organise your freezer into a treasure trove of ingredients ready to make a meal you actually want to eat, without having to pop to the shops, sacrifice quality and flavour, or resort to takeaways and ready meals.

With handy pointers on how to organise your freezer (including that all-important labelling system), simple freezer hacks, and defrosting instructions as well as plenty of myth-busting advice on what you can and can’t freeze, this is your go-to guide to using your freezer.

Perfect for: anyone who wants to save money, reduce waste, and prepare healthy varied meals, whether living alone or cooking for a family.


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