The Fasting Day Cookbook: 120 easy recipes for the 5:2 diet

Published on 04 April 2013

Mix and match recipe ideas, from 50 to 500 calories!

Fasting diets have taken the world by storm – by reducing your calorie intake on just two days of the week, you can lose weight quickly and easily, and it may prove to have long-term health benefits.

But on fasting days, you need simple and delicious meal ideas. The Fasting Day Cookbook offers 120 imaginative, tasty recipes from 50 to 500 calories. You can mix and match to spread your calories across the fasting day, ensuring that you eat well and feel full even on your day 'off’.

With recipes for Glazed chicken wings, Beef satay, Lime-marinated halibut and Almond fudge crumbles, you won't be going hungry - and fasting days will be as much fun as feasting days!