The Drunken Cookbook

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Cover of The Drunken Cookbook
Published on 19 September 2013

Whether you’ve been out dancing until 2am or just popped out for a couple of pints after work, if you have the booze munchies – and are still compos mentis enough to read and cook the recipes, of course - then this is the book for you.

In the tradition of the bestselling HUNGOVER COOKBOOK, which has sold almost 100,000 copies since publication,THE DRUNKEN COOKBOOK is a funny, witty and entertaining guide to how to satisfy your hunger when you’ve had a drink or two – or six.

Complete with fun diagnostic tests to determine just how tipsy you are - from The Duracell (you’re going to be up and partying all night), to The Penguin (unsteady and comical) and The
Puppy Dog
(friendly and inoffensive), THE DRUNKEN COOKBOOK is packed full of delicious recipes which range in difficultly - depending on how many drinks you’ve had - and are divided into appealing sections such as Meat, Heat, Fried, Carbs, Party Food and Boozy Desserts. Perfect dishes for soaking up the booze and restoring your health ready for the morning after.

This is the perfect Christmas stocking filler or Secret Santa gift.