The Cornershop Cookbook: Delicious Recipes from your Local Shop

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The Cornershop Cookbook: Delicious Recipes from your Local Shop
Tasty recipes to cook using store cupboard staples and cornershop bits.
With quick midweek meals, effortless dishes for entertaining friends, and inventive desserts.
The perfect book for time-pressed cooks and thrifty food lovers.

Who are the authors? Friends Caroline Craig & Sophie Missing are back, following the popularity of their first book The Little Book of Lunch, with their new book The Cornershop Cookbook.

What’s it about? Caroline and Sophie know that, while people have time to amble round farmers' markets at the weekends, on most week nights convenience is key. The recipes inside this cookbook aim to prove that you can make quick, delicious dinners with ingredients you can pick up when you're in a rush from your local cornershop or convenience store.

Recipes we love: London Tartiflette, Cornershop Koshari, Frostie Florentines, Fish Finger Tacos, Linguine with Tinned Crab.

Good book for: Anyone who is often short of time on weekday evenings and wants tasty recipes made with ingredients they can pick up easily. Caroline and Sophies's book also offers inspiring meals you can quicky through together when you have friends over, and cheap alternatives to those favourite take-away dishes for cosy nights in.

You’ll like it if: You often find yourself in your local cornershop looking for inspiration for what to cook for dinner. The Cornershop Cookbook will open your eyes to new ways of cooking with everyday staples.