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The Campfire Cookbook: 80 Imaginative Recipes for Cooking Outdoors

Written by

Nico Stanitzok, Viola Lex


04 April 2019

The Campfire Cookbook: 80 Imaginative Recipes for Cooking Outdoors

What's it about? The ultimate cookbook for alfresco eating, you'll learn how to make delicious meals whether you're having an off-grid adventure, camping on the beach or firing up a barbecue in the park. With more than 80 sweet and savoury camping recipes, this cookbook will suit newbies (think: Pasta & Cabbage with Bacon and simple salads) to the more adventurous outoor cooks. There's even a recipe for how to bake chocolate cake in an orange – the ultimate Chocolate Orange! 

Along with campfire favourites, including kebabs and corn on the cob, you'll find recipes for breads and pancakes too, all with step-by-step instructions, a handy key so you know whether you need an open fire, grill or camping stove, and evocative photography that make the recipes easy to follow. Plus, with checklists for all your camping essentials and basic recipes for camping must-haves such as bbq sauce and ketchup, this is an inspiring book for anyone seeking the great outdoors.

Who are the authors? Chef Nico Stanitzok and journalist and lifelong camper Viola Lex. Nico Stanitzok is a chef, passionate baker and a well-known food blogger. Both Nico and Viola are successful authors of bestselling books.

Recipes we love: Barbecued Seabass, Eggless Pancakes and Chocolate Baked in an Orange.

Perfect for: Anyone who loves cooking in nature, camping aficionados, BBQ fiends and adventurous cooks. 


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