The Artisan Kitchen: The science, practice and possibilities

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Published on 03 September 2020
The Artisan Kitchen: The science, practice and possibilities
Master age-old cookery skills at home, from sourdough making to preserves
Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and illustrated step-by-step guides
Revolutionise your kitchen skill set and become more self-sufficient

Who's the author? James Strawbridge is a Cornish chef, sustainable living expert, and presenter. He starred in the hit TV programmes The Hungry Sailors and It's Not Easy Being Green, and makes appearances cooking on Escape to the Château. James co-authored his first book, Practical Self-Sufficiency, with his father Dick Strawbridge. 

What's it about? The Artisan Kitchen is a practical guide helping home-cooks learn age-old cooking techniques at home, from pickling and hot smoking to cheese-making and sourdough baking. James breaks down the simple principles, explaining the science behind everything from lacto-fermentation to charcuterie, and providing recipes, expert tips and techniques to put it into practice. 

Discover how to brew perfect sweet-sour kombucha; make a fresh-tasting chutney; dry cure bresaola; create your own sourdough starter; and slow roast over an open wood fire, with clear step-by-step photography and illustrations to make it super simple and easy to follow. 

Recipes we love: Raw Yoghurt, Plank-Smoked Ceder Trout, Sourdough and Rainbow Chard Kimchi

Perfect for: Adventurous cooks who love experimenting with new recipes and anyone seeking to make their favourite artisan ingredients at home – homemade sourdough anyone?