The Alchemist Cocktail Book

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Published on 06 May 2021
The Alchemist Cocktail Book
Stunning cocktail recipes designed to delight and impress
From classic concoctions to more experimental drinks
Including insider tips on the fundamentals of mixology

Who's the author? The nation's favourite experimental cocktail bar from London to Leeds, The Alchemist is best known for spell-binding cocktails and molecular mixology presented with a dash of theatre. 

What's it about? Packed with exciting, unique and original cocktail recipes, The Alchemist Cocktail Book is in a league of its own. From their iconic Caramelised Rum Punch and Smokey Old Fashioned, to new takes on cocktail classics, this recipe book will help you push your boundaries and elevate your mixology skills at home. 

In true Alchemist form, expect plenty of creativity and theatrical flair with chapters that span Chemistry & Theatre, Twisted Classics and New Wave. With plenty of low and no options, plus a bunch of tried and tested classics, the Alchemist Cocktail Book truly has something for everyone, from mixing novices to experienced bartenders.

Recipes we love: Lavender Daquiri, Rhubarb & Custard Sour, Bananagroni, Cola Bottle Libre and Grapefruit & Apricot Martini

Perfect for: Novice mixologists, at-home cocktail mixing enthusiasts and anyone wanting to elevate their weekend tipple.