Tasty Ultimate Cookbook

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Published on 09 October 2018

Who's the author? The food magicians behind the hugely popular Buzzfeed channel, Tasty, who wow their 90 million followers with fun, inventive and easy-to-follow recipes. 

What's it about? Split between two sections – Impress Yourself and Impress Your Friends – this is a cooking bible that works for any occasion, whether it's a midweek meal for one or food to feed a crowd. Expect outrageous comfort food, easy dinners and recipes for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. 

Recipes we love: The Best Crispy Chicken Parmesan, Fancy Party Nachos, Molten Lava Brownies, Garlic Butter Steak

Perfect for: Tasty fans who love the channel's no-frills approach to cooking, seekers of the ultimate comfort food and cooks looking to impress their friends with inventive recipes.